Tequila Lime Shrimp with Avocado Lime Dressing

Tequila Lime Shrimp with Avocado Lime Dressing

Total Time: 00h 50m
Hands-on Time: 00h 20m
Makes: 4 servings

This simple 4-ingredient Tequila Lime Shrimp recipe can be done in the oven or air fryer, and creates tangy marinated shrimp that are perfect to eat on their own, atop grains or greens, or wrapped up in a taco. Add the Tequila Lime Avocado Dressing for an even more satisfying entrée. We make the flavor easy with Frontier Co-op® Tequila Lime Seasoning.

NOTE: Stated times include time to peel the shrimp. Dressing recipe makes about 2 ½ cups.

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Oven Method:
  1. In a medium-sized bowl, combine shrimp and oil, and mix to coat.
  2. Add seasoning and mix to incorporate.
  3. Add lime juice, place bowl in refrigerator and let marinate for 20 minutes.
  4. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
  5. On a baking pan, place shrimp 3/4 to 1 inch apart. Place pan in oven.
  6. Cook shrimp 10 to 12 minutes, until internal temperature reaches 150 degrees.
Air Fryer Method:
  1. Place shrimp in air fryer at 400 degrees.
  2. Cook for 5 minutes, flip, and cook an additional 3 minutes.
For the Dressing:
  1. In a food processer or blender, combine avocados, oil, seasoning and lime juice, and blend until smooth.
  2. Transfer to a bowl or other container and refrigerate until ready to use.
  1. Coating the shrimp with oil first will help ensure the seasoning sticks and coats all of the shrimp.
  2. Adjust water or oil amount in dressing for a thicker or thinner dressing, if preferred.
  3. For a lower-fat dressing, replace oil with additional water.