While turmeric, a fundamental curry ingredient, is not native to Guatemala, the mountainous Cóban region has favorable growing conditions similar to India. A long-standing partner in our sustainable sourcing program, Well Earth, the federation of co-ops FEDECOVERA has worked with us to establish organic turmeric production among its members in Guatemala. FEDECOVERA established more than 200 turmeric farms among indigenous Mayan farmers and installed the processing facilities required for turmeric’s unique blanching and drying processes. As part of our commitment to the partnership, Frontier Co-op helped fund the facilities and will buy the dried turmeric that is produced. Not only will this ensure a consistent supply of organic turmeric for our customers, but it also allows FEDECOVERA’s members to capture the value created through processing at origin.


Well Earth has also helped the grower communities in Guatemalan, such as donating to a new dental clinic in Coban for farmers and their families. Get the full story and video here.