Our caring, family-friendly culture at Frontier allows you to spend time with your loved ones and follow your passions. You also have the satisfaction of working for a company that is responsible to both people and the planet. We support numerous socially responsible organizations and projects both locally and around the world.

We believe the most important part of our culture is our people. With so much riding on this simple philosophy, our policies and practices promote our employees’ personal well-being, every day and at every level. Our team members can count on an environment of inclusion, empathy, and authenticity. We expect and encourage team members to have a life outside of work for a healthy, happy work/life balance.

You’ll find our communications throughout the organization are real, honest, and transparent. We take time for company-wide quarterly meetings to share financials and updates. Our CEO breakfasts regularly with a cross section of employees to get their perspective on things. All managers have an open-door policy to encourage the free exchange of ideas. Employees also participate on a number of decision-making teams.

When we take care of our employees, everything else works. Why? Because Doing Good, Works.