As a consumer packaged goods company, we recognize our responsibility to operational sustainability is two-fold. We are committed to energy and natural resource conservation, which is supported by our in-house generation of a portion of our energy through solar arrays, our commitment to offsetting the remainder of our usage through the purchase of renewable energy certificates and voluntary emissions reductions, and our continuous work to reduce our overall energy and natural resource usage through use-management initiatives. Additionally, we recognize we have a responsibility to reduce not only our own operational waste, but the end-of-life impact of our products. As such, we have implemented a Zero Waste standard at each of our four Iowa facilities through which we currently strive to divert 90% or more of our waste at each facility from landfill. We are committed to ongoing initiatives through which we will measure and reduce the impact of our product packaging from manufacturing to end-of-life.


Since 1976, Frontier Co-op has been showing the world that Doing Good, Works.

We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that our product packaging is as sustainable as possible, and that our consumers are given the tools they need to responsibly discard our product packaging at end of life. Because of this, we’ve joined forces with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition in their How2Recycle program: a nationally standardized labeling system that clearly communicates package-specific recycling instructions to consumers, with the ultimate goal of making recycling in all communities more efficient and effective.