Masontops Wide Mouth Rust-Proof Plastic Jar Tough Tops 4 Count

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Turn any mouth Mason jar into an air-tight storage container with Tough Tops. Unlike other plastic storage lids that bend and buckle, Tough Tops are built to last. The underside of each lid has a custom gasket channel which holds the BPA-free gasket in place at all times - no more wondering if a tight seal has actually been made or struggling to keep your gasket in place.

Tough Tops are perfect to store all foods and liquids, as well as crafts, hardware, sewing supplies, and much more! When it's time to clean, just pop them in the dishwasher. They won't warp or crack, and will protect the contents of your jars for years to come. Designed for Wide Mouth Canning Jars (Ball, Kerr, Bernardin, etc.).


Made of BPA-free and phthalate-free plastic and silicone.

Dishwasher and Freezer-Safe.
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