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Mate Factor Stainless Steel Bombilla

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This stainless steel bombilla is the perfect companion to any of our gourds. Stainless steel is easy to clean, doesn't oxidize and is durable.


Fill your gourd aboutn 2/3 full with Yerba Mate. Tilt your gourd to the side, and "shape" the yerba to form a "wall" that rises at an angle to the top of the gourd. Wet the yerba mate with cold water, and take care to keep your "wall" intact. Place your Bombilla (filter straw) into the yerba mate while holding the top with your thumb. Get the bombilla into the herb so it is wedged into yerba and does not move too easily. Reform your wall if needed. Finally, pour hot, not boiling water over the yerba mate, and draw out your first infusion. Some may prefer to spit out the first "draw", as it can be very strong. Keep your water supply handy - the yerba in your gourd will infuse many "draws" of water.
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