Frontier Co-op Frontier Co-op Wild Cherry Bark, Cut & Sifted

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Wild cherry is a medium- to large-sized tree (can grow up to 100 feet tall!) that is native to Eastern and Central North America. It is in the Rosaceae family — the same family as roses, peaches, apples and hawthorn.

The inner bark of the branches is harvested in the late summer to fall, and dried immediately for use as a tea or syrup.

The bark has a faint almond-like aroma when placed in water, and a bitter, aromatic flavor. It makes a delicious syrup.

A strong tea made with the bark can also be used as a topical poultice.

Unlike most herbs, cherry bark is best prepared as a cold infusion, where it is allowed to steep in cold water for at least 4 to 6 hours.

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  • Origin: United States
  • Botanical name: Prunus serotina Enrh.
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Use with caution. Avoid excessive or long-term use.