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HIC Italian Olive Wood Pierced Spatula 12

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Richly-grained olive wood is preferred over other materials for its long-life durability, versatility and beauty. Olive Wood is a tightly grained wood and olive wood utensils remain smooth and intact for a long, long time, whereas regular wooden spoons can start to fray around the edges fairly quickly. It is safe for nonstick cookware, and heat-safe to stir ingredients in a pan. It will not scratch porcelain, ceramic, glass or enamel and is stain- and odor-resistant. Occasionally coat with mineral oil to keep wood looking its best. The timber for olive wood is harvested only when olive production has ceased or branches are pruned. The wood embodies old world charm and is grown in Italy and made in Albania. One of olive wood's chief attributes outside of being dense and hard is its beauty - nothing compares to the natural beautiful grain and durability of olive wood.

Olive wood.
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