Dairy-Free Coconut Eggnog

Dairy-Free Coconut Eggnog

Total Time: 00h 45m
Hands-on Time: 00h 15m
Makes: 4 servings

A rich, comforting drink, eggnog is like a Christmas cookie in a glass. The eggnog tradition began in 17th-century well-to-do European social gatherings as an adaptation of various milk and wine punches. Eggs and milk were scarce commodities in Europe, and you can thank the American colonists for the addition of rum when it was brought to the New World. Enjoy this dairy-free version of the classic holiday favorite, made with our organic ingredients!

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  1. In a heavy-bottomed pan, combine coconut milk, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice and vanilla bean scrapings and bring to a simmer. In a stand mixer, beat egg yolks and sugar until yolks lighten in color.
  2. Stirring constantly, add 1/2 cup hot coconut mixture to yolks to temper (adding a little at a time to gently heat); once combined, add back to hot coconut mixture. Stir until mixture reaches 160 degrees or thick enough to coat the back of a metal spoon.
  3. Remove from heat, strain out spices and chill. If desired, stir in the spirit at this time.
  4. When ready to serve, whisk egg whites and 1 tablespoon sugar until stiff peaks form. Fold in the custard and pour into glasses. Top with grated nutmeg.