REG Pastry Cloth and Rolling Pin Cover

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This Pastry Cloth and Rolling Pin cover set is made of 100% cotton. Extra large cloth makes it easier to anchor while leaving more rolling space. The edges are sewn to prevent fraying. To create a non-stick surface for rolling dough, rub flour vigorously into the cloth and rolling pin cover. Flour stays in the cloth and does not go into the dough, allowing for light, flakey baked goods.


Before using, rub flour generously into cloth and rolling pin cover. Rub in well. After using, shake out well. Fold and store in refrigerator. To clean: Scrap off excess flour. Soak cloth in warm water for several hours. Scrub with a small brush if needed. Rinse well.

Suggested Uses

No Sticking! No Mess! Pastry Cloth and Rolling Pin cover, flour is absorbed into the fabric and not into the dough, so dough remains light and flakey.
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