Herbs like parsley (Petroselinum crispum) and dill weed (Anethum graveolens) show their love for healthy soil with bright, green color and delicate flavor and aroma. The regenerative practices of good organic agriculture helps maintain the nutrients that farm soil needs to stay healthy and avoid depletion that can affect crop quality and yield after just a few seasons.

Our Well Earth partner Herbiotech Aroma is committed to organic agriculture, including maintaining healthy soil. In Tunisia, however, finding compost that is compatible with organic certification is sometimes challenging. To ensure that Herbiotech’s farmland stays healthy and productive, Frontier Co-op provided a $36,000 grant for on-farm organic compost production to enrich 370 acres of organic farmland.

The project includes both the equipment and training needed to begin producing and spreading compost on the land. Within 2-3 years, the farm will be able to produce enough organic compost to apply on all of its acreage as part of an ongoing cycle. Soil testing will track the soil’s enrichment and help Herbiotech’s agricultural technicians fine tune the exact organic ingredients that go into the compost.

The enriched soil is helping maintain beautiful, high quality parsley and dill for Herbiotech farmers and our customers.