Bulk Holiday Herbs 6 Recipes That Shake Up Your Holiday Traditions For The Better

6 Recipes That Shake Up Your Holiday Traditions For The Better

What makes a truly great holiday recipe? For one, it’s got to be a crowd pleaser.

We’re talking the first dish guests reach for — and the first they finish. It should make the most of fresh, seasonal ingredients. And it should incorporate spices and flavors that play well with other dishes. Most importantly, it has to be nutritious and wholesome enough that you don’t think twice about going back for seconds.

If that last part has you scrambling to re-think your go-to holiday menu, don’t sweat it! We’ve rounded up our favorite recipes that feature all the classic holiday flavors you know and love while offering a healthier take on the old standards.


This holiday recipe collection features only the hits — wholesome dishes you can turn to time and time again to keep your guests happy and full.

In addition to featuring seasonal vegetables you can only enjoy this time of year, each recipe showcases responsibly sourced, Non-GMO Project Verified spices, herbs and seasonings from Frontier Co-op® that honor sustainable practices and the grower communities they come from.

Learn more about Frontier Co-op’s commitment to the environment and our growing partners during the busy holiday season.

OK, let’s dig in!



Mashed potatoes are a classic. But they’re also time consuming, surprisingly tricky to master and pretty much off limits to anyone watching their carb intake. That’s why we’re so smitten with this recipe.

By swapping out the potato for cauliflower and healthy root vegetables like parsnip and rutabaga, you cut back on carbohydrates while creating a dish that’s nutrient dense and packed with seasonal flavor.

A hearty pinch of Frontier Co-op® Organic Dill Weed and Frontier Co-op® Organic White Pepper add a pop of fresh, almost ranch-y flavor — the perfect complement to dishes featuring warm spices like garlic, fennel and tarragon. Because let’s face it: your sides are going to touch once they’re on your plate. So you might as well play that to your advantage!

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Don’t get us wrong — we love a green bean casserole. But the flavor and texture tend to get lost under all the cream from the mushroom soup.

These Rosemary Roasted Green Beans with Pecans are a great alternative — and a serious upgrade. The tender snap of the beans paired with the crunch of pecans is a thing of beauty. And nothing will spark your appetite like the fragrant, pine-like aroma of Frontier Co-op® Whole Rosemary Leaf wafting through your kitchen.

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How do you make glazed sweet potatoes even better? Tarragon. More specifically, Frontier Co-op® Organic Tarragon that’s sustainably sourced for superior potency.

This aromatic herb adds sophisticated yet approachable flair to both sweet and savory dishes, lending notes of vanilla and aniseed — two classic winter flavors. In this recipe, tarragon melds with Frontier Co-op® Organic Korintje Cinnamon, maple syrup and fresh lemon juice to create a mouth-watering glaze that will have you craving these sweet potatoes all year round.

No need to bust out the marshmallows or the super-refined sugar. This dish will satisfy your sweet tooth without spoiling your appetite for dessert!

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When you’re making an entire holiday spread, time is of the essence. This vegetable medley gets a gold star for being mostly hands-off on dinner day, so you can work on the rest of your meal while it’s in the oven. And, since it’s prepared and cooked in a single baking pan, it spares you the hassle of cleaning every last bowl in your kitchen.

And, while we’re all about convenience, what we love — and crave — most about this dish is its iconic winter flavor.

​​​​​​This recipe pairs Frontier Co-op® Garlic Powder with Frontier Co-op® Whole Rosemary Leaf to lend a delicate sweetness and a touch of lightness to dense root vegetables like carrots, turnips and sweet potatoes. A fresh crack of Frontier Co-op® Black Peppercorns brings it all together, adding a spicy earthiness that elevates the caramel-y char of these perfectly seasoned roasted vegetables.

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Every show-stopping feast needs a show-stopping dessert — and these cookies definitely fit the bill.

Interlaced strips of dough create a gorgeous latticework pattern with a texture alternating from crisp and crunchy to delightfully chewy. Even better, these cookies go big on your favorite holiday spices, combining Frontier Co-op® Ginger Root with Frontier Co-op® Ground Cinnamon and Frontier Co-op® Ground Nutmeg. A splash of Frontier Co-op Vanilla Extract ups the ante on warm flavors, adding a smooth and creamy finish that rounds out the other spices.

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Warm your guests’ spirits before they hit the road with irresistible gingersnap biscotti — featuring comforting winter spices like Frontier Co-op® Ground Cloves, Frontier Co-op® Ground Cardamom and chewy chunks of Frontier Co-op® Crystalized Ginger.

Make this biscotti even more delicious by serving it with a fresh cup of coffee, cocoa or tea for dunking — the perfect finale to your holiday feast. Got leftovers? Send them home with your guests as a parting gift! 

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